Class Descriptions 2017-18

2017-18 Class Descriptions

Class descriptions are provided as a general guide for content and methods of instruction.  Please contact Halestone if you have specific questions about our classes.

Preschool Classes

Creative Movement I & II
Classes focus on creative movement, basic body control, and the joy of moving. The students will explore rhythm, beginning dance steps, imaginative play, and the use of props. This class strengthens coordination and cognitive skills in a positive atmosphere.

Kinder Dance I, II, & III
Classes will blend the concepts of ballet with creative movement using both classical and popular age appropriate music to learn basic skills and engage in dramatic play. In a structured environment children will begin to recognize their own individuality and body mobility. Classes will foster a love of movement from learning basic ballet steps, translating music to movement, exploring how bodies can move in space and using imagery and props in creatively choreographed dance games. Through dance-play students will explore dance technique, practice large and fine motor movement skills and develop a great variety of  movement qualities as we work toward acquiring a lifelong love of dance.

Elementary, Middle, and High School Classes

Creative Movement III
Classes focus on creative movement, basic body control, and the joy of moving.  The students will explore rhythm, beginning dance steps, imaginative plan, and the use of props.  This class strengthens coordination and cognitive skills in a positive atmosphere.

Dance Lab I, II, & III
Creative, fun-filled, and challenging, Halestone’s unique Dance Lab classes are formatted to help students build a solid technical base balanced by proper alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination, and musicality through the study of experiential anatomy and applied dance theory.  Improvisational skills are nurtured using scores that explore the inner connections (breath, core to distal, head to tail, top to bottom, homo-lateral, cross-lateral) that are necessary for freedom and ease in outward expression.  Dancers also learn about the dynamics of energy (yielding, pushing, reaching, grasping, and pulling) that are the support and motivation for all movement.  Creativity is encouraged in dancers on every level.

Advanced Seminar
Designed for serious dancers at the high school level, seminar classes are based on somatic principles and include the study of modern dance/contemporary technique, applied theory, improvisation, and composition.

Kinder Ballet
inder Ballet class will expand on the concepts and curriculum of our Kinder Dance classes. Dancers will learn new movement patterns, explore qualities of nonverbal expression, and organize movement into an aesthetic experience. We will continue using imagery and props to broaden and develop students’ artistry. Throughout the year students will learn and practice the Royal Academy of Ballet technique at the preprimary level. Classes will explore and expand movement possibilities and skills.

Ballet 1, 2, & 3
Classes begin with exercises at the barre followed by centre work with movement sequences across the floor, all with a strong emphasis on the basics of correct skeletal alignment and movement pathways, muscular execution, and classical dance aesthetics. Classes for female students in Ballet 2 introduce the basic preparatory exercises for pointe work. Students progress from one level to the next on a yearly basis with the approval and or recommendation of the instructor.

Jazz I
In this class we will be exploring classical jazz. We will be learning jazz techniques which are all very high energy and allow for individual expression. Molly will start the class with a warm up and focus on combinations to learn how to isolate the body and build stamina. Using “across the floor” exercises to really drill in the different styles, this class will be a great way to learn rhythm and movement with a Fosse attitude!

Jazz II
Classical instruction for high school dancers that establishes the foundation needed for mastering the technical challenges of jazz dance including its specialized turns and leaps, isolations, and syncopated, rhythmic qualities. A general knowledge of ballet technique and terminology is recommended.

This class will focus on the fundamentals of tap. Students can expect to learn a little history too, so they can understand where this form of dance and sound came from! We will start with the basics and build up from there, so students with a broad range of experience are welcome. Students are encouraged to develop a technique for their own style by focusing on clear tap sounds and expressing themselves with fundamental skills. Classes will begin in the center with a warmup, then practicing specific steps across the floor, and ending with some fun form of a dance off or small combinations.

Beginning Clogging
An exploratory class for students with little to no clogging experience in which they will learn  basic techniques and performing experience. Students study unique dance combinations with both traditional and modern clogging styles. Starting with a warmup, we will focus on technique, endurance, and performance quality.

A class open to all age groups, with a more fast paced intermediate approach which will focus on choreography and performance. Students should be prepared to work hard and come to class with enthusiasm. Students will start with a warm up which focuses on advanced technique. The rest of the class will be dedicated to learning combinations and dances.

Junior & Senior Company
These classes are focused on developing choreographic tools and critical thinking skill through dance studies. Students will learn composition, feedback techniques, advanced improvisation skills, and be part of producing and performing in various productions throughout the season.  

Independent Adult Classes

Dance Conditioning
We can’t be certain of this, but Halestone’s morning conditioning class just may be the longest standing exercise class in Rockbridge County. Established in 1979, the class still hosts some of its original 1980’s clients as current class members.  With routines choreographed and set to music by studio director Nancy Saylor, Halestone Conditioning continues year after year to provide clients with an innovative and comprehensive training regimen for the development of physical endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. It’s also fun!  Each hour-long class features a thirty-minute aerobic workout balanced by an additional thirty minutes of pilates-based mat exercises, free weights, yoga, and other somatic training methods.

Moving bodies of all types and levels of experience are welcome.  Whether you are a long-time dance student or someone who never had the chance to take lessons (but never lost the desire to do so), Halestone Conditioning is dedicated to providing you with an opportunity for movement exploration, physical training, and mental development.  We hope to see you in class soon!

Easing Into Yoga
This class is designed for participants with limited mobility.  We start in a chair for opening movements, move to standing for building strength, flexibility, and balance, then we move to our mats for core work, stretches, and final relaxation.

Gentle Yoga
This class flows from mat to standing with a focus on building strength, flexibility and balance.  The movements are designed to be gentle, yet challenging, work most body parts, and modifications are offered for more or less intensity.  We always end class with final relaxation.

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