Dress Code

Dress Code and Uniform Policy

Halestone’s class uniform and dress code guidelines benefit dance students by promoting discipline and ensemble awareness, and allow for the accurate assessment of technical performance.  At the teacher’s discretion, dancers who are not properly attired may be excused from class participation.

Rules to Follow:

  • Arrive Prepared.  Dancers are expected to arrive for class on time with their class uniform, dance shoes, and other class equipment (including hair bands or pins for securing buns and other appropriate hairstyles).  
  • Hair must be styled securely, pulled away from the face and off the neck with bangs cut above the eyebrows or pinned back so that the dancer’s vision is not obscured and hair is not slapping the face when performing turns. Hair merely tucked behind the ears is NOT considered secure.
  • Female dancers in Ballet must wear their hair in a bun. If hair is too short to fashion in a bun, follow the above stated guidelines for a secured hairstyle that does not interfere with class participation.
  • Jewelry must be removed before class.  Wristwatches, necklaces, large rings on ears or fingers, and bracelets on wrists or ankles are a potential hazard should they catch on clothing, hair, or other dancers. Small, non-dangling earrings are allowed.
  • Jeans are not allowed in dance class.
  • Dance Shoes must be worn for studio use only.  Street shoes or dance shoes worn as street shoes (traveling from the car to studio) are NOT allowed in the studio since even small traces of dirt or grease cause damage to the studio floors and make it unsanitary for dancers performing floor exercises during class.  When purchasing shoes for class, dancers must buy the dance shoes specified for their class  (see Uniform Requirements below).  Shoes manufactured for street use damage the studio floors and leave behind hard to remove marks on the soft wood and vinyl surfaces.   
  • Bare Feet must be washed and clean before entering the studio for class.
  • Spill-proof water bottles are recommended for all students in all classes.

Preschool -1st grade

  • Girls – Leotard with attached skirt or leotard without skirt in pink or black
  • Boys – Dance pants and t-shirt
  • Students in Kinder Dance need ballet shoes

2nd grade through High School

  • Girls – black leotard, black wraparound skirt or dance shorts, pink tights
  • Boys – T-shirt, dance pants, shorts, or footless leggings, dance belt for boys above middle school
Dance Lab, Jazz, Tap, Company
  • Girls – black or blue leotard, black dance pants, optional knee pads
  • Boys – T-shirt, dance pants, shorts, or footless leggings, dance belt for boys above middle school


  • Students in all levels of Ballet, Kinder Ballet, and Kinder Dance need to have ballet shoes.
  • Students in tap need to have tap shoes.
  • Students in clogging need to have clogging shoes with buck taps.

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