2022- 2023 Class Description

Class descriptions are provided as a general guide for content and methods of instruction.  Please contact Halestone if you have specific questions about our classes.

Adult & Me: Movement Awareness through Play
Combining kinesthetic exploration through touch, balance, texture, and sound we will explore the outdoor world and the indoor dance studio. Class will include an interactive story-time, song and dance designed to introduce dance concepts at their most basic, and a guided, contemplative exploration. This class is ideal for your youngest mover, or for a slightly older child that needs the support of having a caregiver in the room.

This class is ideal for 2 year olds. We welcome older and younger students if it is a good fit. Contact us to discuss trying a class.  

Adult Ensemble

Halestone’s Adult Ensemble will explore movement and the creative process through teacher led warm-ups, guided improvisations, some modern dance phrase work, and opportunities to participate in the creation and performance of original choreography. Participants can expect units on Viewpoints and contact improvisation, as well as performances at community events. 

Adult Ensemble is open to all interested dancers 18 years of age and older. No prior dance experience is necessary. Dancers must simply have an interest in exploring the creative process through movement and their bodies and be willing to try new things. While performing is not required, Halestone’s Adult Ensemble will be included in many Halestone and community performances. Members of Adult Ensemble who do not wish to perform can opt out of any performance.

For more information on our Company Programs, visit our Company Page.

Register for this class through our online system, Dance Studio-Pro. Please do enter your correct date of birth into the system. It is difficult to track data on active students if we have students with incomplete information, even adults.  Halestone is committed to offering dance education to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. Contact us if you need assistance. 


Ballet technique will be gently introduced through exercises, dance games and student leadership opportunities as we continue to foster a love of dance. Dancers will learn new movement patterns, explore qualities of nonverbal expression, and organize movement into an aesthetic experience. We will continue using imagery and props to broaden and develop students’ artistry. Throughout the year students will learn and practice the Royal Academy of Ballet technique at the preprimary level. Classes will explore and expand movement possibilities and skills.

Students ages 4 to 6 years old who are interested in ballet should take this class.

Ballet I & II

Ballet I and Ballet II are for students who would like to continue their studies in ballet past Pre- Ballet. Evelyn Warren will be working with our ballerinas again this coming year and will introduce more technique and style into these classes. Ballet I and Ballet II classes will consist of several movements and combinations, usually going through; barre, center, adagio, allegro and reverence with French terminology. 

Ballet I is for students ages 6 to 9 years old. *If you took Pre Ballet last year and are of age, you should join this class in 2022-2023*

Ballet II is for students ages 10 and up. *If you took Ballet I last year and are of age, you should join this class in 2022-2023*

Beginning Clogging
You asked for beginning clogging for the younger ages! We’ve heard you! Beginning Clogging students will learn the basics of clogging and will progress throughout the year to more complicated combinations. Students will learn new dances throughout the year and get to collaboratively create new dances as a class. Beginning Clogging may be invited to perform at various community events.

Beginning Clogging is open to students ages 6 to 12 years old.  No prior experience necessary. 

Contemporary Ballet
Incorporating elements of classical ballet and modern dance, the influences of the class primarily stem from Limón and Cunningham technique. The structure of the class develops strength, flexibility, fluidity, and musicality. This class promotes an in-depth understanding of alignment, spatial awareness, movement efficiency, and injury prevention. The class teaches classical ballet positions and how those shapes are exaggerated and altered through contemporary forms. Head/tail connection and spinal articulation will be integrated into more traditional foot and leg exercises. Center work will investigate fall and recovery with spatially controlled movements. Then traveling across the floor exercises will be followed by challenging phrase work. Throughout the school year, dancers will learn ballet and contemporary dance history and be offered the opportunity to choreograph short dances during various holiday classes.

Contemporary is for ages 12 and up. Students should be expected to have a mature attitude and apply themselves diligently in class.

This classes  utilizes a  “Natural Body Development”  approach, through integrating breath-work with, weight, and gravity shifting. This movement class focus is to use philosophies of internal and external energies and how the two are mutually generating the physical body. We also plan to be exploring different body systems and movement qualities  as instruments in the development to expanded movement repertoire. This class will use an assortment of media elements, including dance, painting, sound, theater and video.

This class is for ages 10 and up. *New class this year, 2022-2023*

Clogging Workshop
Clogging Workshop participants will collaboratively review and create new dances. Clogging Workshop performs multiple times per year at various community events.

Clogging Workshop is open to intermediate/advanced cloggers.

Creative Movement
Classes focus on creative movement, basic body control, and the joy of moving. The students will explore rhythm, beginning dance steps, imaginative play, and the use of props. This class strengthens coordination and cognitive skills in a positive atmosphere. This year we have three different instructors to give our community as many opportunities to get your kids moving with Halestone!

Creative Movement classes are open to any child age 3 through 6.

Dance Conditioning
We can’t be certain of this, but Halestone’s morning conditioning class just may be the longest standing exercise class in Rockbridge County. Established in 1979, the class still hosts some of its original 1980’s clients as current class members.  With routines choreographed and set to music by studio director Nancy Saylor, Halestone Conditioning continues year after year to provide clients with an innovative and comprehensive training regimen for the development of physical endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. It’s also fun!  Each hour-long class features a thirty-minute aerobic workout balanced by an additional thirty minutes of pilates-based mat exercises, free weights, yoga, and other somatic training methods.

Moving bodies of all types and levels of experience are welcome.  Whether you are a long-time dance student or someone who never had the chance to take lessons (but never lost the desire to do so), Halestone Conditioning is dedicated to providing you with an opportunity for movement exploration, physical training, and mental development.  We hope to see you in class soon!

Halestone’s Company

Halestone’s Modern Company will focus on developing choreographic tools and critical thinking concepts through dance studies. Students will learn composition, feedback techniques, advanced improvisation practices, pedagogical methods, entrepreneurial skills, and be part of producing and performing in various productions throughout the season. In 2022-2023 Modern Company will be directed by Molly Smith.

Halestone Modern Company is open to ages 12 years and up, dancers who have studied at Halestone for at least one year and others by permission/ invitation of the instructor. Dancers must be taking regular technique classes to support their learning in company. There is no audition to participate in Modern Company, however in 2022-2023 students are expected to take the Monday Advanced Seminar & Wednesday Contemporary and Company classes, as well as 1 additional technique classes at Halestone.

Students wishing to perform in Company are expected to enroll in all three, although in some cases exceptions may be granted. Students who do not wish to be in company are still welcome to register for Advanced Seminar. Contact Molly Smith for clarifications and exceptions.

Modern Company members are expected to perform at various community and Halestone performances.

Halestone’s Junior Company
Junior Company allows young dancers the opportunity to experience company membership. Junior Company meets weekly this year and introduces students to improvisation, choreography and repertory. During that time dancers will be rehearsing dances to be performed at our fall and spring events. In 2022-23 Halestone’s Modern Company will be directed by Molly Smith.

For more information on our Company Programs, visit our Company Page.

OPEN ; Studio, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern and Contemporary

Open Studio= Wednesday 3:30- 4:30pm, ages 3 to 9

Open Hip Hop= Thursday from 4:00- 5:00pm, ages 6 and up

Open Jazz= Thursday from 5:00- 6:00pm, ages 8 and up

Open Modern= Thursday from 6:00- 7:00pm, ages 10 and up

Open Contemporary= Friday from 6:00- 7:00pm, ages 10 and up

Open Classes are a great way to explore a different style of dance this year! These classes are for any level and are available for all ages. We hope these classes provide a greater education in various styles of dance. Classes will be offered by quarter and will not be required to participate in our productions. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Molly via email- director@halestone.com

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

For the 2022-2023 Dance Year Halestone will be offering the following regularly scheduled semi-private lessons. (For all other private and semi-private class policies and rates, see Adult Classes). These classes have a separate tuition from our other classes because they are smaller and offer students more individualized attention. (In cases where any of these classes reach an enrollment of 5 students or more we will reconsider tuition rates.) These classes will end instruction following our spring 2022 concert (as opposed to our other year-long classes which will end on May 20).