November, 2019

A message from the Artistic Director:

Halestone Dance Studio is run by the 501c3 nonprofit, the Halestone Foundation. As a nonprofit arts organization we rely on community support to be able to provide the programming that we offer. This our fourth year operating as a nonprofit.

We each come to Halestone from our own perspective – perhaps as an adult dancer, a parent of a dancer, a Halestone alum, an audience member, an instructor, a donor, a community partner, or a business sponsor – but each of us that engages with just one part of Halestone actually relates to the whole. We have an incredible depth and breadth to our programming, and however you have engaged with us in the past, I encourage you to read on to hear about the whole of our programming.

Our programs include:

  • dance classes in our schools and preschools:
    • Earthsong Community School (2 classrooms, 2x a month)
    • Yellow Brick Road ( 2 classrooms, 1x a month)
    • Waddell Afterschool (1x weekly for fall & spring sessions)
    • Waddell Headstart (1 classroom, 1x a month)
    • Maury River Middle School (2x a week for the fall session)
    • Natural Bridge Elementary School (1x a week for the year)
    • partnerships with the YMCA (Enderly Heights, Central, Fairfield, Natural Bridge)
  • dance classes (modern dance, clogging, creative movement, improvisation, ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, & choreography) at our studio location, 722 S Main St, for children as young as 18 months, through adults of all ages. We have over 100 hours of class in our space each month.
  • We offer summer camps & private lessons
  • We have need-based scholarships and over 15% of our students are on scholarship
  • Our space is used by independent yoga and body work instructors and by regional dance artists as rehearsal space
  • We perform in the community (Rockbridge Community Festival, Arts of Lexington Block Party, Main St. Lexington downtown trick or treating, BV’s Mountain Day, Lexington’s Christmas parade, at Kendal, with the Rockbridge Youth Chorale, and more!)
  • Concerts and showings in our studio space and at the Lenfest Center for the Arts
  • Middle school, high school and adult pre-professional performing ensembles
Halestone has been and continues to be a special place for so many of us. I started dancing at Halestone when I was 8 years old, and I don’t think that there is any way that I would be a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher today had it not been for the dance education that I received at Halestone. I think my love of movement would have been squashed a long time ago had it not been for dedicated instructors that saw that inability to sit still as a good thing, rather than a thing to control. My hope is that Halestone will flourish for years to come, so that all children, young adults and older adults can experience the joy and benefits of movement and artistic creation through dance. 

Please consider making a donation to support us this Giving Tuesday. We can accept donations via check mailed to
Halestone Foundation, PO Box 1583, Lexington, VA 24450 or via our website,

Thank you for your support,

Mauri Connors


The Halestone Foundation enriches the Rockbridge area by providing access to quality dance experiences and education in nurturing environments. We foster the creative process, artistic excellence, and joy.  We empower individuals and communities to make, perform, and experience original dance as a theoretical, technical, and expressive art.

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Halestone is supported by the Virginia Commission for the Arts

The Halestone Foundation

The Halestone Foundation is a non-profit organization that houses Halestone Dance Studio and its community outreach.

We are led by a volunteer board: Ann Courtney - President, Joel Kuehner - VP, Jessica Sullivan, Don Henk, Daniel Hinkle, Stephanie Hodde, Jessica Dixon, Robb Zahm, Erin Graves - members at large.
If you have questions about being a member of the board please contact the board at


Halestone Dance Studio is handicap accessible, with a cement ramp to the door and a wheel-chair accessible bathroom.

We endeavor to make all of our events and classes accessible to all who desire to be there. Please contact us if you need a particular accommodation for one of our events.

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Artistic Director, Mauri Connors

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Studio Manager, Elizabeth Becker

Phone: (540) 463-7444

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P.O. Box 1583 
Lexington, Virginia 24450