Message from the Board

A note from the President of the Halestone Board of Directors:

Upon learning of the studio’s closing last May, many of us shared dismayed looks and disheartened conversations that centered on one concept: Now What?  As I mentioned to many, the closing of Halestone seemed inconceivable to me.  The community that had embraced my entire family so warmly and unconditionally was not defined by a set of walls but by the people involved and their combined spirit.  This summer, it is those people and their boundless spirit that have come together and provided the next stage in the life and community of Halestone Dance Studio.

As we embark on our 39th year, a group of dedicated individuals has reorganized the business as a Performing Ensemble with Fine Arts in Rockbridge.  As a FAIR affiliate, Halestone is now guided by a Board of Directors including Ann Courtney, Julie Hamilton, Jess Sullivan, Don Henk, Lynne Dahl, and myself.  We stand ready to serve this community, so should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of us.

We are so happy to announce that we open our doors for business on Tuesday, September 6, and we welcome you to join us at our open house on Wednesday, August 31, from 4 to 7pm at the new location: 722 South Main Street, Suite B.  For those who fondly remember the cottage, the studio entrance is also on the side of the building.  The new space is cozy and provides us a place to lay a new foundation as a nonprofit organization so that we can build for the future.

Of course, a new studio and business structure means that there are many ways you can support Halestone as we make this transition.  From painting and cleaning, to spreading the word to those looking for a community to dance, to offering your financial support by providing a tax-deductible donation, there is a way for everyone to contribute.  After all, that is what makes Halestone so special, the tradition of dedicated people coming together to create.

As I close this note, I want to thank everyone who has come together to make sure that Nancy Saylor’s vision for Halestone is fulfilled: In the decades to come, Halestone Dance Studio will remain dedicated to its students and dedicated to the mission of providing a place for people of all ages to explore the power of their personal creativity through the integrated and disciplined study of dance.  In addition, I want to thank those dancers young and old, past and present, who have given us something to treasure and carry forward, something indescribably special, something more than a dance studio that, truthfully, can only be identified with a single word: Halestone.


Joel Kuehner

President, Halestone Board of Directors


The Halestone Foundation enriches the Rockbridge area by providing access to quality dance experiences and education in nurturing environments. We foster the creative process, artistic excellence, and joy.  We empower individuals and communities to make, perform, and experience original dance as a theoretical, technical, and expressive art.

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Halestone is supported by the Virginia Commission for the Arts

The Halestone Foundation

The Halestone Foundation is a non-profit organization that houses Halestone Dance Studio and its community outreach.

We are led by a volunteer board: Ann Courtney - President, Joel Kuehner - VP, Jessica Sullivan, Don Henk, Daniel Hinkle, Stephanie Hodde, Jessica Dixon, Robb Zahm, Erin Graves - members at large.
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Halestone Dance Studio is handicap accessible, with a cement ramp to the door and a wheel-chair accessible bathroom.

We endeavor to make all of our events and classes accessible to all who desire to be there. Please contact us if you need a particular accommodation for one of our events.

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