There are always many ways to support Halestone:

  1. Donate directly.
  2. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, watch our videos, like our posts and engage with our community virtually.
  3. Connect us with community partners that you know for workshops, school residencies, sponsors and donors.
  4. Add us to your Krogers Community Rewards (instructions below)
  5. Add us to your Amazon Smile account (instructions below)

We are registered with Krogers Community Rewards program and Amazon Smile. We are encouraging all people interested in supporting Halestone to register with these two programs. A percentage of your regular purchases will go to Halestone. Please consider designating Halestone your charity of choice. Here’s how to do it:


  • Every time you use your Kroger rewards card, a percentage of you purchase will go to Halestone
  • Log into your Kroger account online
  • On the top left click Savings and Rewards
  • A drop down menu appears and you select Kroger Community Rewards
  • There you enroll in the Kroger community rewards program by entering Halestone Foundations number KG478. Once you enter that number, you are enrolled. If you are already enrolled with another organization and you wish to change, you just click change my charity.

Amazon Smile

  • Every time you shop at Amazon, if you go to, it signals to Amazon that you wish for a percentage of your purchases to go to Halestone.
  • You have to go to Smile.Amazon to make the purchase. It will look just the same as Amazon but only when purchases are done through Smile will a percentage of the proceeds will go to Halestone
  • To designate Halestone you go to Smile.Amazon
  • Under the tab Accounts & Lists scroll down to Your Amazon Smile
  • There you can type in Halestone and it will pop up that we are a dance organization in Lexington VA

Thank you for your support of Halestone. We are truly a community in motion! We also accept donations of any kind but the two listed above are ways to support us through your daily purchases.

The Halestone Foundation, which now runs Halestone Dance Studio, is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. We can accept donations to support our outreach and scholarship programs in the community.