Tuition and Fees 2019-2020

2019-2020 Tuition and Fees

Halestone classes for under 5s are divided into four 9-week quarters. You can register for the entire year, or select individual quarters.  Quarters do not need to be consecutive.

For elementary, middle, and high school classes, there are thirty-six scheduled weeks of classes in Halestone’s dance year. The hourly length of each class determines the cost of the class for the year’s program. Tuition listed in our online system is the monthly amount due on the 15th of each month from August to April, resulting in 9 equal installments.


Halestone Dance Studio is committed to ensuring that anybody and everybody can dance.  Contact Halestone to inquire about scholarship opportunities.

Registration Fees

A registration fee of $25 for the first dancer and $5 for each additional dancer offsets the cost of managing your account.  Students registering for any classes offered quarterly need only pay one registration fee.

Recital Fees

Halestone charges a recital fee for each child participating in our spring concert. For students in year-long classes the fee is $100. For students in quarterly classes the fee is $80. This fee has a total value of $115 and includes: the dancer’s first costume; a recital pass for the dancer that will act as their ticket to the show when they are not performing; 2 tickets to the show for others; and a link to select pictures from recital.

We ask for a commitment for recital in mid-October and recital fee is due then. For dancers in more than one piece in recital, additional costume fees are announced in January.

Late Fees

Tuition installments are due on the 15th of each month.  Installments made after the 20th of each month will incur a $10 late fee.

Classes offered Quarterly

HoursFull YearOne 9-Week Quarter

9-Week Quarters:

  • First Quarter, August 20 – October 21
  • Second Quarter, October 22 – December 23
  • Third Quarter, January 3 – March 3
  • Fourth Quarter, March 4 – May 12

Yearlong Classes

HoursFull Year9 Equal Payments
1.00 $520 $58
1.25 $632 $70
1.50 $736 $82
1.75 $856 $95
2.00 $976 $108
2.25 $1,048 $116
2.50 $1,104 $123
2.75 $1,208 $134
3.00 $1,304 $145
3.25 $1,360 $151
3.50 $1,416 $157
3.75 $1,472 $164
4.00 $1,544 $172
4.25 $1,592 $177
4.50 $1,640 $182
4.75 $1,688 $188
5.00 $1,776 $197
5.25 $1,864 $207
5.50 $1,960 $218
5.75+ $2,016 $224


The Halestone Foundation enriches the Rockbridge area by providing access to quality dance experiences and education in nurturing environments. We foster the creative process, artistic excellence, and joy.  We empower individuals and communities to make, perform, and experience original dance as a theoretical, technical, and expressive art.

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The Halestone Foundation

The Halestone Foundation is a non-profit organization that houses Halestone Dance Studio and its community outreach.

We are led by a volunteer board: Ann Courtney - President, Joel Kuehner - VP, Jess Sullivan, Don Henk, Daniel Hinkle, Stephanie Hodde and Nina Whitehead - members at large.
If you have questions about being a member of the board please contact the board at


Halestone Dance Studio is handicap accessible, with a cement ramp to the door and a wheel-chair accessible bathroom.

We endeavor to make all of our events and classes accessible to all who desire to be there. Please contact us if you need a particular accommodation for one of our events.

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